How to Calculate Repayments of a Cash Loan

If you want to avail of a cash loan in the Philippines, you might want to have a basic understanding of how the cash loan costs and repayments are calculated. We understand that many people who need a cash loan, need it NOW, and don’t have time to research how it works in detail. But if you are not in a rush, this article is for you.

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The Informal Salary Loan and the “Prenda”.

The Filipino Teachers Vicious Problem.

Contracting loans is one of the most inevitable occurrences that will happen to a teacher in the Philippines. A teacher jumping into debt such as one linked to his/ her salary to guarantee  repayment is as common as the elementary school itself, that can be found in every barangay of the country.

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The Requirements for a Cash Loan

Most of the private lending companies need a few requirements for them to verify that you are really eligible for a cash loan and of course that you have the ability to pay them back the amount you will agree to.

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